Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you signed up with Swagbucks? Earn points to redeem for giftcards like CVS, Amazon and more!

Are you signed up with Swagbucks?  Win Prizes just by searching the web. Swagbucks is a loyalty program where you can earn free stuff including 1,000's of products for doing the things you do everyday! Its completely FREE and I have been using swagbucks for almost 2 years now! I love it!! Its a great way to christmas shop for FREE!!! How so? All you do is earn points by searching (Just type in the search bar or download the toolbar and start typing anything and you will see a pop up on the screen You have just won 10 swagbucks your points may vary)

When you earn swagbucks points you can redeem them for awesome prizes in the swagstore! I love redeeming my swagbuck points for amazon giftcards!!! Newly added is CVS giftcards!! There are lots of other giftcards available also! I have saved so much money from using swagbucks and its completely FREE!!! It has been such a blessing I bought several items off amazon last year for FREE by using my swagbucks points I had redeemed for amazon giftcards! I have also stocked up on items like Juice boxes, and poptarts, and snacks for my kids this summer and now that school has started back we haven't had to buy any school snacks or drinks and it has saved us so much money!

How do you earn points? You can earn points every day!! I log into my account everyday and search on my toolbar if you haven't signed up be sure to download the toolbar when you do you will earn points for it and it makes it easy to search! I just start typing any word or phrase in the toolbar search and keep doing it until the screen pops up " Congrats You have won 10 Swagbucks"  or you may win more! Every Friday you could win up to 1000 swagbucks!! You can also do daily things like the Daily poll under the Earn tab you will get 1 point for it, also 1 point for going to trusted surveys I usually don't do the surveys but always click it just to get my 1 point, and then you can click on the NOSO offer under the earn tab skip all offers and you will see the page pop up to type in the word and you will recieve 2 swagbucks, and for just using the toolbar you will recieve 1 point for using it daily thats 5 points daily just for doing those items daily plus your points for searching for the day!

You can click HERE to sign up and get started on your way to earning points!!

To redeem a $5.00 amazon gift card takes 450 swagbucks which really takes no time at all to get up to when you do your daily activity on swagbucks ! I usually do mine every morning when I get up and it takes less than 5 minutes to earn points and thats it! I can not express enough how much I LOVE swagbucks!! :-) It makes grocery shopping so much easier to be able to get grocerys and other items free from amazon using my swagbuck points!!

I always try to post also when I see swagcodes out! When swagcodes are out , you just copy the code and paste it in the redeem box on the front of the home page and it will give you your points. Also if you look on the front of the homepage and scroll down you will see the GWallet it also has offers you can click on the get swagbucks like watching a short video, or just by clicking through a link.

If you need any help with getting started you can always contact me and I would be glad to help you out on more about getting started!

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