Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kool-aid Jammers as low as $1.68 a box!!

Here are some great deals on Kool-aid Jammer Juice pouches!! Great time to stock up with school starting back soon!!

Kool-aid Tropical Punch Jammers $6.73 for pack of 4 boxes. Thats $1.68 a box!

Kool-aid Grape Jammers (4 boxes) $6.74

Kool-aid Strawberry Kiwi Jammers (4 boxes) $6.82

Kool-aid Orange Jammers (4 boxes) $6.86

Kool-aid Blue Raspberry Jammers (4 boxes) $6.86

*Remember to select subscribe & save to get the best discount and I always select 6 months that way I have plenty of time to cancel my subscribe & save when I recieve my shipment. Its just a great way to get a discount plus free shipping on amazon.* Just remember to log back into your account after you recieve your shipment and cancel your subscribe & save. *

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