Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home Made Bird Bath/Feeder

I have been working on a project this week and I am so excited the way it turned out! I love how easy this was to make and you may even have some of the items at home!!  Who knew you could make a bird bath out of flower pots :-)

I have been wanting a bird bath for a while now and was so glad to get to make one and the best part my kids helped me make it! They were so excited to get to help who knew letting them spray paint would make them excited lol.  My 2 sons are 11 and 9 so they were big help.

This project is really simple.  I used 3 different sized pots, I have a list of items below that you will need to complete this project.

  • 3 Pot's (Clay pots) 8 in' , 10 in', and 12 in.'
  • 14 in' Saucer (for top) , and 6 in' saucer (for bird feed)
  • Outdoor spray paint
  • Clear Acrylic silicone 

We spray painted each pot  and let dry over night.  Then we stacked all the pots with the 12 in.' pot on the bottom , then 10 in.' , and 8 in.' on the top.  We found it easier to turn the pots upside down and stack them and apply the silicone that way it didn't run down the pots. After the silicone dried we flipped it over and applied the acrylic silicone to the 14 in.' saucer to make it hold in place and and then attached the 6 in.' saucer to the side of the 14 in.' saucer with the acrylic silicone and that was it. Really easy! You can find all these products at any Home Depot , Lowe's, or Walmart! Whats so neat about this project is you can design you Bird Bath any way you want it !! I am thinking of making one for my mom for her birthday she has been wanting a bird bath and to me having someone hand make you something means alot and I know she would be so excited to have one!

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