Saturday, August 11, 2012

Make your own Home Made Bag holder out of a Lemonade Can!!

I have had lots and lots of bags I have been keeping for years in my cabinet and they keep falling out everytime I go to pull out my plates. So I was looking on Pinterest the other day and found a project on using a can to keep all your bags stored in one place! I have tons of bags and save them to fill my trash cans in the bathrooms instead of buying bags.

Here's what I did I used a Country Time Lemonade Canister from Costco (We go through these all the time with the kids lol)

I pulled the paper off the canister and its cardboard so you can wash it out. I got a paper towel and wet it and washed the inside out real good , then I painted the canister with plain black craft paint and then painted the word BAGS with regular white craft paint I had (You can purchase this paint at any craft store Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Etc.) Then cut out a rectangle in the top of the Lid for the bags to pull out.   This craft was completely free since I already had all the items at home lol :-)

You can make your bag holder out of anything really coffee canister or any large can.

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