Friday, October 19, 2012

Hot Play Zombie Mulch and get $5, $10 and $15 coupons to grab some free stuff!

Do you have some time on your hands?

Head on over to Home Depot and play the Zombie Mulch game on facebook.

Click HERE to get started.

Earn coupons the more you play! Get a $5.00/ $5.01 , $10.00/$10.01, and $15.00/$15.01.

The higher you go the more coupons you can print. After your reaching your you can redeem your coupon and they will email your coupon shortly!!

The coupons are for any Lawn and Garden purchase! Remember Lowe's also takes Home Depot coupons as a competitor so if you don't see anything at Home Depot checkout Lowe's !

(Thanks My Frugal Adventure)

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